The Institute 4 Success is a national organisation providing solutions and implementation thereof, possessing over 3 decades of experience.  Psychology is the driving force. The Institute is known for its impeccable thoroughness in reporting, evaluating, monitoring and giving successful feedback.  We are committed to delivering excellent customer experience through innovative quality of service delivery whilst practicing honesty, integrity, professionalism and passion. 

Possessing the most persistent team compilation, of all cultures, genders and education levels, unrivaled expertise, invaluable experience and previous practical work delivered.

Fact Sheet

  1. Preceding, managers of the FNB Business Incubator.
  2. Supported by the Department of Small Business.
  3. Working relationship with Minister Lindiwe Zulu.
  4. Working relationship with SEFA.
  5. Working relationship with SEDA.
  6. Current networks with 15 300 individuals.
  7. I4S data base of 3000 entrepreneurs.
  8. Accredited by Services SETA.
  9. More than 40 training manuals.
  10. National Model and footprint.
  11. Creators and owners of the I4S Coaching Model.
  12. Creators and owners of the I4S Mapping Model.
  13. Creators and owners of the Working on Entrepreneur Model.
  14. Experts in dealing with the Psychology of Entrepreneurs.
  15. Creators and owners of the Working on Entrepreneur University.
  16. Owners of the copyright to the Book, “Succeed with Nothing”.
  17. Head office is in Gauteng.
  18. Lecturing Hall with a capacity to host 100 entrepreneurs.
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